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Bruce Coughlan


Bruce Coughlan

Bruce Coughlan is a true bard (a collector of songs) and the founding member of Tiller’s Folly. He started his career at a young age as a solo performer touring throughout Western Canada. This incited his interest in the little known history of the region while giving him a solid background in performing and music. Bruce’s songwriting and musicianship came to the fore in popular BC bands Bare Facts and The High-tops and on his solo CDs, Any Day Soon, The Wild Bird’s Nest and A Minstrel in Moray. In 1996, Bruce was searching for an outlet for his vision of a Folk/Celtic band singing songs about “the other Maritime province” and the Tiller’s Folly was born. His love and passion for the characters and tales of the Pacific North West provided fertile ground for his exceptional songwriting and singing skills.

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