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Comments from audiences and health care staff underscore the value of the Concerts in Care programme:

“We have had family members come and enjoy the performances with the residents and clients. They have enjoyed this program as well. It is a wonderful program that enhances the lives of the people we work with daily.”

“Such genuine and fun-loving entertainment that truly moved people to the soul. It was a raving success; the residents are still talking about it, and I’ve never seen such a good response to live music in all the time I’ve worked in health care!”

“What I have really observed is the calm atmosphere after [Health Arts] performances. Sometimes at this time of the day, it can be a little unsettling for our residents with dementia. Thanks for this great opportunity for our home.”

“I would just like to express our deep gratitude for the program. The musicians have been so appreciated by residents, families and staff. What a treat it has been to be treated to these talented musicians!”

“We have a woman in our facility who played a violin in the Vancouver Symphony for years. She is quite unresponsive to most things however she smiled and stayed alert for the 45 minutes that this group played. In addition, the members went and talked to her after they finished and she made eye contact and had facial expression – truly a wonderful program for her.”

“I had the pleasure of introducing our oldest resident (110 years old) to the musicians. She too, rarely takes part in large group programs, as she finds it quite tiring. Again, she stayed for the entire performance and was thrilled to shake hands with group afterwards. It was a unique experience for both her and the performers.”

“Residents reported to me that it was nice to hear some different kinds of music than what is normally scheduled in our recreation programming and with our volunteer music makers… I extended [the] invitation as well to the tenants of the assisted living facility, McConnell Estates which is linked to Terraceview as well.”

“One gentleman reluctantly admitted that he was moved to tears by the intensity of the performance.”

“A staff member explained that there are about 10 residents who were formerly subscribers to the various musical organizations in Victoria and having the musicians come was, for them, like returning to their “normal” life.”

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“I was out at UBC for the valentine’s performance. One really grouchy old guy was moved to tears….it’s amazing what emotions the music can bring out. The program is so valued by the mental health clients and staff.”

“I hope this gives you some idea of the impact this program had on our facility. Residents, staff and family members had nothing but praise for the performers, and gratitude for this very special opportunity.”

“A seriously depressed client who after refusing to leave her room for days, heard Robert Silverman was coming to play and asked to be dressed, have her hair fixed, and lipstick put on and be taken to the concert. She then talked about the concert for days after.”

“It’s been a great program. The residents, staff, and guests have all appreciated the opportunity to take part. The length of the program is appropriate; all the performances have been exceptional. Thank you!”

“The music and musicians have been fantastic. The residents look forward to the musicians coming and the variety of music reaches everybody….It is great to bring such talented musicians to the Facilities as it gets harder to get to the music.”