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The Health Arts Society of Alberta (HASA) is a registered charity that elevates the lives of Albertans in care and retirement homes by providing compelling performances featuring local professional artists.

Our Board of Directors

Karen Lynch
Karen is a respected community and civic leader, with over 45 years of diverse experience… Full bio

Aliya Rota, CPA, MPAcc
Aliya holds a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and a Master of Professional Accounting… Full bio

Dr. Jeffrey Steed
(Vice President)
Dr. Jeffrey Steed was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta… Full bio

Bernie Bolton
Bernie is an accomplished leader with extensive experience… Full bio

Faith Boka-Gwinji
Faith is a Lifestyle Navigator for The Christenson Group of Companies… Full bio

Jessica Deckert-Sookram
Jessica Deckert-Sookram is a nurse practitioner, mother of 3, amateur pianist and travel enthusiast… Full bio

Kaitlynd Hiller
Kaitlynd is a junior associate at Miller Thomson LLP where she practices in the commercial litigation and insolvency groups … Full bio

Stella Lee
Academic-turn-consultant Dr. Stella Lee is an ed-tech and AI strategist, international speaker, startup advisor, … Full bio

Kieran Ryan

Bruce Munro Wright, O.B.C.
Bruce Munro Wright, O.B.C., is active in the Canadian arts and not-for-profit sector… Full bio

Banner photo: Erik Visser