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Jessica Deckert-Sookram

Jessica Deckert-Sookram is a nurse practitioner, mother of 3, amateur pianist and travel enthusiast. She is currently working as the clinical lead for the nurse practitioner group at the University of Alberta Hospital emergency department. She and her husband travel with their children at every possibility and Jessica will be visiting her 60th country this calendar year. Jessica joined our board after recognizing the valuable work being done to bring high quality music to those living in care, while paying professional musicians a living wage. Growing up in a musical family where celebrations always included an impromptu concert of some sort, she continues to foster that love of music in her own children as they study the violin and cello. Recognizing the social and mental isolation that can accompany living in care, she hopes to bring more recognition and support to the Health Arts Society of Alberta by connecting with more of the music-loving healthcare community.