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Aliya Rota

Aliya Rota, CPA, MPAcc

Aliya holds a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and a Master of Professional Accounting. She has worked for a multi-national audit firm, a mid-sized real estate developer and an institutional investment manager, holding various roles as an auditor, financial accountant and investment analyst. Throughout these various roles, she has supported entities in ensuring the integrity of financial and non-financial data and streamlining accounting processes and policies. This experience aids her in bringing a keen eye for detail while not losing sight of broader operational and strategic oversight as a board member.

A competitive dancer from the age of four, Aliya realized she wasn’t ready to hang up her dance shoes after high school and chose to continue dancing into her university years with the student-led group, MOD Contemporary Dance Movement. Aliya experienced first-hand the transformative impact that dance as an art form has on both the individual and society at large, and she remains passionate about bringing the arts to those who do not have the opportunity nor luxury of accessing it through traditional channels.