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Natalie Inga


Natalie Inga400

Natalie Inga is a songwriter and musician based in Calgary, AB. Bold, energetic, and honest, Natalie is a confluence of traits that make for vibrant, dynamic, and genuine music, and an intimate, charming live show. Raised on Canada’s greatest folk music, Natalie brings a modern perspective to the tradition of writing for change. Because of her sweet voice, stacked harmonies, rich guitar parts, and bold messages, her most recognized influence is Joni Mitchell. After getting her hands on a saxophone, she developed an obsession with Soul, R&B, and Funk styles that tip-toe into her newest creations. Natalie’s 2021 EP “War” was nominated for a YYC Music Award for Folk Recording of the Year. She is excited for the upcoming release of some new music in Fall 2023.

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